The Immaculate conception sisterhood - Kartaba
Saint Elias Parish - Kartaba



Founded in year 1970

Number of subscription to the Lebanese sisterhood community: 356

Date: 30 September 1978


1- Number of the sisterhood members: 128

Elected on 17/09/2003

Current guide: Priest Joseph Naoum El-Sokhen
Current president: Jeanne-d'arc Dagher Saker

Current sisterhood members


Therese Karam Assaad


Therese Karam El Hitty


Waddad Awad Karam


Rita Karam El Hitty


Mathilda Beyrouty


Antoinette Ziyede

  Elen Karam


Samira Khoury


Nawal Clima El Beyrouti


Norma Karam








2- Brief about the sisterhood history:
The sisterhood was founded on praying and doing mercy work since its birth and especially serving the ill, rescuing the needed and helping the orphans, the widows and the handicaps. It also preserves the participation to the civil mass, reciting the sisterhood duty every Wednesday of the week and organizing masses to the rest of the spirit of those who have arrived before us.


3- Brief about the sisterhood activities:
Contribution in founding the Immaculated conception altar in the ST Elias church, participation in the prayers on the rest of every lost soul in Kartaba and organization of masses for every one them.



4- Donations and contributions:
Doing charity deeds and helping poor families, watching over the church's clean state and doing reinforcement trips to many worshiping sites all across Lebanon.
The sisterhood has a presence in all the celebrations and the conferences that are held in the clergy and takes care of paying donations to the widowed to encourage the ecclesiastic invitations in the clergy .


Data origin from the sisterhood committee, translation made by Mr. Anthony Paul Khoury.



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