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Association des Femmes de Kartaba

Women’s Association of Kartaba Town


  • Establishment:    The association has been instituted on 18/12/1979 under the memorandum No165/A.D.

  • Location :    Kartaba - Jbeil district.

  • Objective: Consolidate the relationship & cooperation amongst the town’s women and to create a moral & educational liaison between each of them.


Activities : They are numerous, effective its establishment up till today:

  • Participation at the Kartaba Carnivals since 1979 and still it is.

  • Established a field dispensary in 1976 whereby all Kartaba physicians have contributed in its related treatments’ controls.

  • Organized a primary aid’s session to the sons of the town assisted by the Lebanese Red Cross in 1976.

  • Establishment a center for Caritas in 1976 in Kartaba.

  • Represented in the Committee of assisting the displaced in Autumn 1978

  • Participated in the Fair on 1st May 1979 which was carried out at the independence street in Achrafieh.

  • Set out on 17/08/1980 an occupational Fair in the town’s square, whereof it is still carrying over its annual Fairs at the place of the charitable Kartaba organization till today.

  • Took care of orphans and resided them into the schools of boarding.

  • Made a census for the town’s sons, and accomplished the first print of "Kartaba guideline" in 1981.

  • Instituted a dressmaking workshop in 1990.

  • Accustomed to activate the celebrations of the "Mother’s day" in the town effective 1990 and still it is animating it every year on the first Sunday of May, and granted it the symbol of honoring the eldest mother.

  • Performed for the 2nd time the census for the town’s sons to print the guideline for the year 1994.

  • Represented into the parish board of the town.

  • Adopted the fulfillment of the Parish’s census to the sons of the town along with its chaps.

  • Carrying on recreational activities to Kartaba's ladies during the summer season like picnics outside & inside the country, in addition to the "mornings visits" which it follows every year approximately.

  • Activated for several years the X-MAS celebrations which involved: adorning the town’s square and distributing gifts to children besides recreational activities to them.

  • Recently , preparing the 3rd edition of Kartaba’s guideline for 2002.




Actual Members


  • Josephine Lahoud

  • Karine Khoury

  • Zeina Said

  • Zeina Rouhana

  • Therese Salem

  • Reine El Sokhn


  • Simone Kassis
  • Dany Beyrouty
  • Colette Cherfane
  • Rima Karam
  • Takla Challitta
  • Dolly Roukoz



Previous Members









  • From 1973 to 1979

    • Mary Sakr Kassis (President)

    • Charlotte Sakr

    • Charlotte zady Dagher

    • Rose Ziadeh

    • Mary Sawaya Assaad

    • Hneineh El Beyrouty Aoun

    • Elham Sakr Dahdah

    • Hala Salem

    • Minerva Elhaj Sawaya

    • Viky Saab Saykali

    • Jeanne D'arc Cherfane

    • Mona AAbboud

    • Fadia El Khoury

    • Hyam El Beainy Challita

    • Mona Eid El Beyrouty


  • From 1979 to 1991
    • Josephine Lahoud (President)
    • Sylvia Karam Yazbek
    • Rose Ziadeh
    • Salma El Khoury Aabboud
    • Georgette Khoury
    • Lousiana El Sokhn Rizk
    • Jacqueline Sakr Sayah
    • Joumana El Sokhn
    • Yvet El Sokhn Karam
    • Georgette Lahoud
    • Fabiola El Sokhn
    • Loulou Salibi Karam
    • Jeanne D'arc Cherfane
    • Charlotte Sakr
    • Fadia Khoury


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Kartaba: 00961-9-405351         Beirut:     00961-1-560217

c/o. Mrs. Josephine Lahoud



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