Kartaba Municipality Elections 2004

kartaba, the second largest villages in jbeil after the city of jbeil itself, totaling about 5400 voters, is actually witnessing, one the strongest battles for municipality elections. till now it seems that 3 lists are competing for these elections in addition to few free candidates.


Throughout Lebanon's history of municipal and mayoral elections, the present scene of confusion in alliances in making candidate lists that include pro-government members and opposition figures together has not been witnessed," an editorial in the widely circulated An-nahar daily said


Unlike legislative elections, where sectarian quotas or seats are reserved for different sects in Lebanon to preserve the country's sensitive social fabric, municipal elections are free of any such checks.


Influential social or political figures usually create a list of candidate names, and supporters of one candidate end up voting for the entire list, which constitutes the significance of electoral alliances. But voters can choose to cross some of the names and add others, or they can create their own list of candidates. In fact kartaba municipal council is made of 14 members and a president, in addition, two Mayors should represent the northern Kartaba and another two for the southern.


Mr. Emile Karam (El Cheikh) the actual president of the municipality council announced his candidature for the coming council. his list includes some few changes due to the death of 2 of the previous members, and the demissioning of 2 others, and the replacement of 2 last who proposed to be replaced by the new generation due to their age and their health status. The list was nominated "AL KARRAR AL MOUSTAKELL" and aims to keep on the continuity of the development it already started since 1998, Mr. Karam Said.


Mr. Fadi Martinos a business Man from kartaba, has annouced his candidature as well, supported by a new alliance, that kartaba haven't witness since more than 50 years, gathering the actual parliement member Dr. Fares Souaid, with the previous parliement member Mrs Maha El Khoury Assaad and the nephew of the previous parliement members Mr. Fadi Rouhana Sakr. The list announced aim is to consolidate all kartabians efforts, for the best developement ways of kartaba.


Finally Mr. Joe Karam, Coordinator of Al Tayyar Al Watani Al Hurr in Kartaba, announced that Al Tayyar and a group of independent people decided to break traditional approaches to Municipal Elections and unite together in a third list. Their list name is "KARTABA AL GHAD" and their announced aim is to constitute a new blood in a traditional region and try to enforce change by introducing new ideas for a prosperous Kartaba in 2004 and the future.


The 1998 Statistics of the last Municipal Elections, shows that only 3101 persons voted out of 5397 voices (57percent). Knowing that Kartaba is effectively divided in two parts:

- The northern Kartaba with 6 Boxes totaling 3102 voices, where only 1712 voted in 1998 (55 percent).

- The southern kartaba: with 4 Boxes totaling 2295 voices, where only 1389 voted in 1998 (60 percent).




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Candidates' Names and work program of each list are published here below:

لائحة القرار المستقل


Engineer Emile Karam

Dr. Antoine Nicolas Karam

Mr. Ghassan Abdo Kassis

Dr. Nakhleh Challita

Mr. Georges Mansour Salem

Engineer Antoine Abdel Nour

Mr. Bassam Jean Mouawad

Engineer Fadi Elias Bou Aoun

Mr. Nabil Youssef yazbeck

Topographe Joseph Gharios Karam

Mr. Ghaith Elias Attieh

Mr. Antoine Boutros Attallah

Mr. Pierre Finianos El Beiruty

Mr. Assaad Tanios Cherfan




Tony Elias Challita (Southern)





Candidates' Profile

 بطاقة تعريف بالمرشحين



Electoral Program

برنامج العمل


لائحة التوافق القرطباوي


Mr. Fadi Abdo Martinos

Engineer Elie Chafic Saab

Mr. Semaan Kozhaya ElKhoury

Lawyer Elsa Ghaith Khoury

Lawyer Sarkiss Dib Cherfan

Lawyer Elie Naja Beiruty

Lawyer Camille Farid Challita

Engineer Tony Youssef Mouawad

Mr. Antonio Badih Sakr

Mr. Farid Jamil Salem

Mr. Camille Chehadeh El Sokhn

Mr. Camille Elias Bou Aoun

Mr. Joseph Dib Attallah

Mr. Youssef Toufic Karam

Mr. Raymond Nabih Karam



Mr. Jamil Elias Merhej (Northern)

Mr. Elie Antoine Saad (Northern)

Mr. Selim Youssef Attieh (Southern)

Mr. Hanna Ghattas Najem (Southern)


Candidates' Profile

 بطاقة تعريف بالمرشحين



Electoral Program

برنامج العمل


لائحة قرطبا الغد


Mrs Rose Ziadeh

Engineer Joe Georges Karam

Mrs. Joumana Lahoud

Mr. Anwar Edmond Saab

Engineer Joseph ElSokhn (Rouphael)

Mr.Simon El khoury Michel Sakr

Dr.Carole El Sokhn

Mr.Joseph Ibrahim El Khoury















Candidates' Profile

 بطاقة تعريف بالمرشحين 



Electoral Program

برنامج العمل



Free Candidates for the council





Southern Kartaba


Mr. Charbel Camille Karam


Mr. Charbel Challita (hikar)



Northern Kartaba


Mr Antoine Abdo Eid


Mr. Milad El khoury Boulos Cherfan


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