Kartaba Municipality

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One of the oldest municipalities in Lebanon, aged more than 100 years




Actual Members (elections 2004)

  • Mr. Fadi Abdo Martinos

  • Engineer Elie Chafic Saab

  • Mr. Semaan Kozhaya ElKhoury

  • Lawyer Elsa Ghaith Khoury

  • Lawyer Sarkiss Dib Cherfan

  • Lawyer Elie Naja Beiruty

  • Lawyer Camille Farid Challita

  • Engineer Tony Youssef Mouawad

  • Mr. Antonio Badih Sakr

  • Mr. Farid Jamil Salem

  • Mr. Camille Chehadeh El Sokhn

  • Mr. Camille Elias Bou Aoun

  • Mr. Joseph Dib Attallah

  • Mr. Youssef Toufic Karam

  • Mr. Raymond Nabih Karam


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Previous Members (elections 1998)

  • Emile Georges Karam (President)
  • Pierre Fenianos El Beyrouti (Vice President)
  • Semaan Kozhaya El Khoury
  • Albert Assaad Boulos Cherfan
  • Joseph Gharios Karam
  • Antoine Nicolas Karam
  • Georges Mansour Salem
  • Nabil Youssef Yazbek


  • Nakhleh Boutros Challita
  • Nabil Nassim El Kassis (passed Away)
  • Sami Antoine Saab (passed Away)
  • Elie Naja El Beyrouti
  • Habib Tanios Attallah
  • Tanios Abdo Aabdelnour
  • Kalim Aaty Mouawad


Executed projects

In the following, we will only state  a summary about the recent activities of the actual  municipality, to be updated later to include more details about the history, the previous members and some future planning.

  • Renewal of the water pipes installation, to reach every single house in kartaba, adding by that new sources of water to cover all the needs of the village winter time and summer time.

  • Kartaba had as well a part of the world bank aid, out of which the municipality is investing in redecorating the entrance of the village from saint Therese shrine till the square, in planting, lightning and fixing the borders of the street.

  • The internal lighting of kartaba, has been extended to reach all the branches of the streets.

  • In addition to many other internal works such as building walls, fixing streets...

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Municipality Telephone Number: 09-405017


.more information will be published later upon availability.

  • projects under execution

  • Future planning

  • Kartaba Map



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