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Date: 4:06 PM 4/19/2004

Subject: Good job and keep it up




Kartaba website was a good project that we enjoy to look at. Thanks for my cousin Hani to point it to me.

I am George Boulus Karam, also from Kartaba . In Toronto ,Canada since 1986. I still own a house and piece of land in Kartaba. If you are the brother of Paul khoury, then we are related as he is married to my cousin Michele's daughter , Joumana.

Keep up the good work and try to update the web site more often.

George Karam
64 Brooklyn Crest.
Markham ,Ontario
L3P 7C6







Date: 10:57 AM 4/16/2004

Subject: Feedback






I went through the Municipality election web page and I cannot say more in appreciation than Congratulations and Thank you . Congratulations for the idea and the way you present it, and, Thank you for all your efforts by helping Kartaba citizen choosing the best team to manage their village; Without any doubt this web page will be influencing the election results by helping the people of Kartaba deciding the best for their village.


Best regards


Paul Khoury

Saudi Arabia







Date: 9:31 AM 3/24/2004

Subject: felicitation





Mon nom est Antoine El Khoury felicitation pour ce merveilleux site. que vous avez mis au point. La prochaine fois si possible mettre la photo de "jouwah al ramel " chez Naim khoury pour pouvoir voir l'entrée de katarba. merci ,


Antoine El Khoury Canada







Date: 2:45 PM 2/28/2004

Subject: Appreciation




In appreciation to your dedication of creation of this beautiful introduction to the most loved piece of Land on earth; KARTABA Dear Pierre you have what it takes to satisfy the thirst for home land sick.


I Have logged so many times to KARTABA and every window could open, and still say to you : It is never enough looking at the real most precious and loving Land in Lebanon


Thank you again.
Victor B. Atallah







Date: 5:30 PM 8/3/2003

Subject: Congratulations



Hello Pierre:

Congratulations for a beautiful website. I had looked at it few weeks ago by coincidence and was delighted to see that my beautiful village is on line. To introduce myself, I am Charles son of Salim Amine Hanna Sacre, my brothers are Amine and Jean. Our house is directly above the house of Dr. Habib Ziade, looking from the Sahat Road.

I mentioned the beautiful site to my friend and good pastor Msgr Lahoud who is the head of the Maronite parish in Boston and who also is from Kartaba, the brother of Fattan Lahoud. He too was delighted by the site.

Bravo Pierre; keep the good work.

I read that the Charity Association of Kartaba will have its dinner in the coming month of September at Kartaba. Please convey to my good friend Khoory Youssef Naoum Al-Muhtaram, all my repect and my best wishes.


Charles Salim Sacre
Boston, Massachusetts,







Date: 4:53 PM 7/13/2003

Subject: Bravo




I feel so proud of what you have done. The Web page on Kartaba is just what we need when we have been away for so long. This is excellent and i wish you could keep up the good work.

My name is Joseph Fouad Karam. I am from Kartaba and i am the guy who has been out for the past 26 years with the last 18 years of them in Dubai. Lately, i have started preparing my way back to Lebanon and built the house that you are showing as the last one on your "Album".

Good Luck and hope one day we'll meet in Kartaba.

JFK - Dubai







Date: 2:13 PM 1/17/2003

Subject: requesting permission to use a few of your photos on our site.



I’m was really excited to see your site. Is so amazing that she is traveling around the world. I went to visit her relics when they came here to Portland, Oregon, USA. It was a tremendous experience
I work for a non-profit ministry and we have made a movie on the life of Saint Therese of Lisieux. We are trying to show the tremendous impact she has had throughout the world and would like to incorporate a two of your pictures from into our web site. Our hope is that Christ will use this movie to bring people closer to him through the intersession of his “little flower”. If you would like to help us in this effort then we would be very appreciative=
I can’t believe we found your site! I wish we had found it sooner because we are scheduled to launch our site January 16, 2003. That is why I need an immediate response. If you could please respond as soon as possible I will know whether or not to incorporate two of your pictures. I hope you say yes and join us in this effort
Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Brian Shields
Saint Luke Productions

P.S. you can visit our temporary site if you would like at

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you tomorrow.







Date: 4:50 PM 7/1/2003

Subject: Hello from San Diego




We just found your web site and my parents are from Kartaba, Chakib Sawaya and Mahboobie Saad Khoury
We are living in San Diego USA and this bought back memories for my parents!

Thanks for the great memories.
Carol Sawaya - San Diego







Date: 3:19 PM 5/16/2003

Subject: nice work


Dear Pierre, My name is Jean NAJM, I am from Kartaba and reached the site while surfing. I just wanted to congratulate you for your work, and thank you for it. I am proud to see that we have a site for our village in which we find all the information we need.



Jean NAJM - Lebanon








Date: 6:58 PM 8/2/2003

Subject: hello




 hello Pierre thank u for your reply. it is very nice to visit the page weekly and just see photos of kartaba, and feel that we are still close to kartaba even if we are thousands of km away.


regards from Nigeria







Date: 10:17 PM 6/4/2003

Subject: BRAVO Pierre




This is to congratulate you for a beautiful work about Kartaba. My name is Charles Salim Sacre. I am like you from Kartaba. My father Salim Amine Hanna Sacre lived near the Sahat, just above the house of Dr. Habib Ziade. You will recognize it by the three arches on the 2nd floor of the façade if you look upwards from the house of Dr. Ziade

I was reading a local lebanese newspaper and saw that Amioun - Koura has a web site. I did not find Amioun, but then my wife said to try Kartaba…and here you are. What a great idea…you had!

Now that I have your website. I will be regularly checking about the activities in the summer, the Club of Kartaba, and many other news


All the best

Sincerely Yours

Charles Salim Sacre









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